General Remodeling

As licensed and insured General Contractors in the D.C. metropolitan area, we coordinate all of the elements necessary for the successful completion of high quality construction projects. From the basic construction elements such as plumbing, electrical and masonry to all of the finishing touches such as ceramic tile, granite, marble, solid surface materials, decorative glass, painting and wallpaper, our long standing relationships with our subcontractors means that we have the very best professionals available. We have the resources to integrate and coordinate all phases of your project. We keep your headaches to a minimum.

Custom Cabinets

We design, fabricate, finish, and install what we build. We work with all species of hardwoods and plastic laminates. We can also modify or retrofit existing casework to fit changes in use or equipment.

Home Maintenance Services

Clients contact us for many reasons and sometimes are not aware of the variety of services that we offer. We usually discover this when a client asks if we know a company that can do a particular task. The answer usually is “Yes we do, the company is Hanan and Lerner Fine Woodworking”.

Although many people have been using our Home Maintenance Services informally for years, we would like to formally present this facet of our business to you. For reasons of health, security, safety, and comfort there are a number of tasks that need to be accomplished on a regular basis to maintain the optimal condition of your residence.
When is the last time you changed your furnace filters?  water filters? the batteries in your smoke detectors? Did you remember to drain your outside water spigots before this past winter’s harsh weather? Do things tend to accumulate on your ‘to do list’ without ever getting accomplished?
We can set up a regular schedule with you to address items such as these on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our knowledgable staff will alert you to any problems that are discovered and we can coordinate to have our staff and our licensed and insured experts address any repairs that may be necessary.


We have a climate controlled spray booth to do quality lacquer finishes in all seasons. We have the ability to match your existing finishes or create new finishes to order.