Thoughts on a Bathroom Remodel


What items are to be removed? Vanity top, vanity base, toilet, tub, tile walls, tile floors, door sills, doors, mirrors…

Wall Framing

Walls can be moved/removed in order to add space to different areas (for longer vanities, for larger whirlpools/showers, for closets). Some homes have duct chases that can be “reclaimed” in the form of a built-in wall cabinet.

Roof Framing

It may be desirable to add a skylight to brighten the room.

Doors & Windows

Doors can be changed to different types (pocket doors, bi-folding doors) and styles (flat slab, flat panel, raised panel).


If the sinks, toilets, shower and drains are staying in the same locations, the plumbing should be straightforward. While any shower demolition is occurring, it would be wise to service the shower diverter. A variety of sinks, toilets, fixtures and matching hardware are on display at local showrooms. A visit can provide real life samples.

Tile & Stone Work

Tile or stone can be used in the shower, floors, walls and even the ceiling. A steam shower would require more preparation in the form of waterproofing, but is a unique bathroom option. Tile provides many design options with colors, materials (stone, glass, ceramic), patterns, shapes, textures and grout colors. Besides tiling, an option is to have solid surface panels. Solid surface panels would provide uniform, flat walls that are easy to clean and maintain. Patterns on solid surface panels vary from natural stone looks to solid colors.

Heating & Cooling

A heater/light/fan combination can be added. We can make sure the existing ventilation duct is properly run to an area outside of the house. New, quieter bathroom exhaust fans are available


Recessed lights can be added in certain areas. In most bathrooms, lighting above the shower is minimal to nonexistent but there is currently available a new style of light that is both waterproof and bright. Vanity lighting can also be modified and/or increased.


Walls abutting the exterior which are opened up during the remodel will be checked for proper insulation.

Interior Walls

Walls can be tiled (tile base, tiled halfway or tiled to the ceiling) or painted to coordinate with the rest of your design.

Ceiling Covering

Ceilings are generally painted, but are tiled in certain designs.

Cabinetry & Millwork

A new vanity can be constructed to better fit the space. Stock vanities don’t always have the proper width, height, depth or arrangement to maximize storage and countertop space

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. A remnant stone top can be cut to fit the new vanity and coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. A new medicine cabinet can be fabricated to better fit the vanity area spaces. Decorative moldings, crown molding, etc. can be added.


A shower head chlorine filter can be added to limit chlorine exposure while in the shower. Additional mirrors and / or makeup mirrors can be added.

Floor Covering

If flooring is removed, the plywood substrate will be checked for the typical water damage found around tubs and toilets. It will also be secured to prevent movement and squeaks. New stone or wood thresholds may be necessary to transition the new floor height to the adjacent floor heights.


Walls and ceilings can be painted in a semigloss or eggshell finish in a color of your choice.